Our History

Spear International (Pvt) Ltd was the first company of the Spear Global Holdings Group that was established in the year 2011 by a dynamic team of individuals.

The company was founded by Mr C.N.S Mendis, the former Deputy Chairman of the Delmege Group of Companies, who holds a wealth of experience in the export of natural and organic products. Together, our management and production teams hold experience of over 20 years in the manufacture and export of coconut based growing media and other coir and coconut-based products.

Following the success of its exports in growing media, combined with the support and encouragement of our valuable customers, we have now diversified our product offering exporting a wide range of coconut and coir-based products as well as ornamental plants, foliage and edible coconut food items.

Today, Spear International exports its products to over 25 countries worldwide and has established a strong customer base that include large multinational organizations and trading power houses.

About Us

Pioneers of the Industry

The tremendous value of coir fiber pith and coconut husk chip products began to generate attention in the world markets in the 1980’s amongst agriculture and horticulture industries that realized the significant benefits of using coir fibre pith as a growing media.

It was Sri Lanka (Ceylon) that was the first country to truly introduce coir fibre pith and coco chips to the world which later also became known as coconut substrates (coco substrates).

Mr. C.N.S Mendis was one of the first entrepreneurs to introduce dutch substrate producers to Sri Lankan coco substrates. This business relationship developed into the sharing of knowledge and technical expertise on the product quality which led to the commencement of trials on new high-quality specifications. Through this, our range of coco substrate products expanded. Soon Sri Lankan coco substrate products were becoming a worldwide phenomenon as it gained recognition for being a superior quality, renewable growing media.


To be the number one manufacturer and exporter of high quality coconut based substrates in the world.


To operate the most efficient coconut based substrates manufacturing facilities with latest technologies and innovation.

We simply want to be the absolute best at what we do, and we work towards it every day.

We take pride in having a team of highly experienced professionals in the manufacture and quality control of coco substrates. Despite the many benefits of coco substrates, the final product that you receive should actually be able to deliver all these benefits and more. Today, experienced professional growers are demanding a much higher quality of product and much more consistency in the quality of coco substrates.

We ensure that from the point sourcing of the raw materials to the screening and production of the final product, stringent quality control procedures are maintained. We have developed our very own system of quality control to ensure every one of our customers receives a superior quality product that will yield the best results.

To operate the most efficient coconut-based substrate manufacturing facilities, driven by the latest innovation and technology while adhering to our core values

  • Quality
  • Excellence
  • Sustainability
  • Professionalism
  • Service to the Nation

We strive to encourage our team to think differently and to constantly communicate new ideas within our organization that would help add value to our production process, improve our quality standards and create an environment that will foster growth driven by innovation and creativity. With rapid developments in technology, we are focused on investing more in cost efficient production methods and solutions that would allow us to improve our productivity whilst maintaining our stringent quality control procedures.

Manufacturing Facilities

Our manufacturing which include our pressing and warehousing facilities, are located in the heart of the coconut triangle in Sri Lanka. These facilities are strategically located in areas that are densely surrounded by some of the largest coconut plantations in the country.

Our strategic locations within the coconut triangle combined with our strong local network with both public and private plantation owners, allow us to effectively source the finest grades of raw materials. Since the early 90’s Mr. C.N.S Mendis has invested in and developed over 50 raw material production sites that today, ensure our raw material requirements are met all year round.

Our most recent investment in 2019 was the completion of a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for the production of specialized coco products.