Coir Geotextiles

Geotextiles are geosynthetic woven mesh produced using the fibres obtained from the coconut husk. This eco-friendly product is widely used in an array of civil engineering applications to maximize soil protection and erosion control.

Geo Blankets and Erosion Control Blankets are made to support the soil establishment as well as the root development and growth of plants. Examples of use include:


  • Erosion Control
  • River Bank Stabilization
  • Anti-Weed Blankets
  • Mud wall reinforcement

 The product is 100% biodegradable and does not need to be removed after installation. Being easily installable and water permeable, it is an ideal product for soil enhancement, anti-erosion and germination.

​Spear has a wide range of geotextile products depending on the end application. We are also able to offer customised geo solutions and develop niche geo-products to suit new markets

Coir Geotextiles