Twisted Fiber

Machine twisted fiber (FMT) is made with natural coir fiber. We offer 4 types of grades:

  • Mattress Fiber
  • Omat Fiber
  • Bristle Fiber
  • Mixed Fiber

We can offer products with a composition of 100% of either one grade, or compositions of mixed grades depending on the customers requirement.

They are mainly used as upholstery in the automobile industry, production of rubberized coir mattress, coir cushions and coir pads. Our FMT range is widely acclaimed for being a cost-effective, eco-friendly product. Coir fiber possess a natural high tensile strength which makes our FMT a superior product in the market. Each spool of FMT offered weighs approximately 20-22 kg and has load bearing ability of 22 tons per 40HC Container.


Twisted Fiber